Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar by Tim Pettingale – ebook


Play bebop jazz-blues guitar lines effortlessly with these simple substitution ideas

Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar helps you to create the authentic sound of jazz guitar, without having to learn numerous scales and modes. Based around the familiar blues progression, this book uses simple chord / scale substitution ideas to create beautiful jazz-blues lines in the style of the great jazz guitarists. If you’re familiar with the blues, but want to learn how to play great jazz lines, this book will quickly have you playing authentic bebop, simply by re-thinking the knowledge you already have.

You’ll learn licks in the style of Wes MontgomeryJoe PassPat Martino and Jim Hall, with over 120 original musical examples, each illustrated with notation and tab. Download FREE audio of every example, and jam along to the 22 backing tracks / vamps provided. Includes 3 full-length jazz blues solos in different keys, demonstrating all the concepts covered.

What you’ll learn:

  • Major and Minor scale / arpeggio substitutions you can play over the blues progression to create new sounds
  • A creative jazz-blues guitar method that will help you play great licks straight away
  • Ideas that are simple to apply, but result in advanced melodic lines
  • A tried and tested method to access the language of jazz guitar
  • Numerous licks in the style of the great players
  • An easy way to create your own original lines
  • Soloing schemes to help you create your own improvised solos

Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar

  • Would you like to be able to play effortless bebop lines in the style of the great jazz guitar players?
  • Would you like a simple method to help you generate 100s of original licks of your own?
  • Would you like to give your playing a fresh injection of ideas?
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A Tried and Tested Creative Jazz Blues Guitar Method

Many guitar players are comfortable with the familiar blues progression, but those wanting to learn the language of jazz are often baffled about the best way to learn to play bebop. Learning lots of different scales and modes can be both daunting and un-musical. In Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar, the author brings together over 20 years of learning and experience gigging in London’s jazz clubs to present a simple method that will have you playing musical lines right away. More than that, by the end of this book you will be equipped to create your own amazing lines.

Here’s What You Get:

  • A step-by-step guide that starts simple and adds layers of complexity
  • Numerous examples with backing tracks and vamps to practise to
  • Three full-length blues in different keys with example solos and backing tracks to experiment with
  • Perfectly notated examples with tab and studio-quality audio to download for FREE

Decode the Language of Bebop and Get Creative!

Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar not only shows you how to play great jazz lines like the masters, it puts creative tools in your hands. These simple concepts can be applied to help you break out of your box and explore new ideas. Taught in a clear, concise manner, the focus is on creativity and capturing the sound and feel of authentic bebop guitar.

Hear it!

Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar contains 120 supporting audio examples, so you can hear exactly how each example should sound.


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