Altered Scale Soloing for Jazz Guiter by Mike Stern – ebook


There has never been a jazz guitar book like this before…

Mike Stern is an electrifying guitarist whose blistering chops combine sophisticated jazz harmony with rock-fusion firepower and perfect bluesy phrasing. In this ground-breaking book, he shares his secrets of altered scale soloing and reveals the keys to his signature sound.

In his new book, Altered Scale Soloing for Jazz Guitar, exclusive to Fundamental Changes, Mike teaches you in depth how to use every important altered scale on guitar to create incredible solos with his instantly recognizable sound.

You’ll master modern outside-sounding jazz guitar chops using…

  • The Altered Scale (Super Locrian Mode)
  • The Mixolydian b2b6 Scale (Phrygian Dominant)
  • The Symmetrical Diminished Scale (Half Whole)
  • The Whole Tone Scale

A Complete, Practical System to Create Modern Jazz Guitar Vocabulary

Along with over 140 jaw-dropping licks and music examples, Mike’s unique jazz guitar course teaches you to get inside the scales.

  • You’ll discover the following jazz guitar soloing concepts: 
  • How each altered jazz guitar scale is formed
  • The most important scale shapes and positions to use and why
  • How to master the scale intervals and use them to create blistering jazz solos
  • Beautiful sequencing patterns that quickly become musical phrases you can use
  • Dozens of modern scalic licks, runs and sequences

With these essential skills under your fingers, you’ll immediately apply them musically as you learn play intervallic licks over the most essential chord changes in jazz to add new depth to your soloing.

As your jazz guitar soloing skills develop, you’ll add to your vocabulary by learning lines based around more advanced, musical jazz structures. You’ll learnt to get creative with

  • Diatonic triads
  • 7th chord jazz arpeggio sequences
  • Triad/arpeggio-based melodies
  • Longer 8-bar jazz soloing structures

Master Altered Scale Jazz Guitar Lines With Four Epic Etudes

Each altered scale is taught in its own detailed chapter, and to round off each one you’ll be taught a full-length original solo, recorded at Mike’s New York studio. These solos combine all the musical approaches of each chapter into beautiful, melodic language you can use in your own playing.

This rigorous approach, combined with a vast arsenal of melodic ideas, gives you unparalleled insight into the mind of one of the most respected jazz musicians on the planet… and you’ll also learn plenty of Mike’s signature licks and tricks along the way!

One Solo to Rule them All!

To tie every altered jazz guitar scale sound together, Mike has written an epic 130-bar solo that explores every musical concept over a blistering Bb Blues. When you learn this solo, you’ll hear, internalize and feel how these advanced jazz guitar scales can be used to make powerful, attention-grabbing music.

Throughout the book, Mike goes into such depth about his thought processes and techniques that you’ll learn so much more than you will from a transcribed solo with no explanation.

Hear It!

In Altered Scale Soloing for Jazz Guitar Mike has been incredibly generous when it comes to sharing his licks and musical ideas. In fact, you’ll find over 140 individual notated examples (with tab) and over 40 minutes of free audio to download.

Altered Scale Soloing for Jazz Guitar is a deep dive into the musical mind of one the true jazz guitar geniuses of our generation. You owe it to yourself to check it out take your music to a whole new level of creativity.


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