Robin Nolan’s Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar – ebook


Unlock the Secrets of Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Robin Nolan’s Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar

  • Are you struggling to learn authentic Gypsy Jazz guitar?
  • Do you want to play effortless Django-inspired guitar licks?
  • Are you ready to create your own Gypsy Jazz guitar solos?

Robin Nolan has spent his life sharing his first-hand Gypsy Jazz guitar experience with a worldwide community of musicians, and his insights have revolutionised the playing thousands of grateful students.

The Most Comprehensive Gypsy Jazz Guitar Method Ever Made

In Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar Robin Nolan creates the perfect framework to learn the essentials of the style.

First, you’ll master rhythm:

  • Learn every essential Gypsy chord shape and know when to use them
  • Master the perfect Gypsy Jazz guitar technique to nail the authentic tone
  • Discover every Gypsy rhythm strumming pattern you’ll ever need
  • Practise warm-ups and drills to help you play in time, every time.

Then, you’ll discover art of Gypsy Jazz guitar soloing:

  • Master the scales and arpeggios that build every Gypsy Jazz guitar solo
  • Learn mind-blowing Gypsy licks you can use immediately
  • Discover the Gypsy Jazz secret to playing great lines over dominant 7th chords
  • Spice things up with cool diminished and augmented sounds
  • Play full solos over the classic tune Minor Swing

Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar – More Than a Just a Method Book

Robin also introduces you to his Gig-Ready Bootcamp!These are the powerful performance skills that prepare you for any jam session, such as:

  • How to play solid intros and endings that always work
  • A complete guide to essential Gypsy Jazz repertoire
  • How to memorise any song – quickly and easily
  • Crushing nerves and playing with confidence
  • Jam session etiquette

A Gypsy Jazz Guitar Guide Jam-Packed With Bonus Features

We’ve packed this book full of some amazing bonuses to help you reach your goals much more quickly.

Bonus 1: 22 walk-through videos where Robin helps you perfect the techniques in the book.

Bonus 2: An exclusive 1-hour video lesson that teaches you perfect Gypsy Jazz guitar rhythm playing.

Bonus 3: Get Robin’s personal Spotify playlist of essential Gypsy Jazz tunes, specially curated for you.

Hear it!

Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar contains over 100 notated examples, each with supporting audio examples, so you can hear exactly how everything should sound. You’ll be able to play along with the track to perfect your rhythm, tone and feel. You can download them all for free from our dedicated website.

Buy it now and learn Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar from one of its true masters.


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