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  • Mod Garage: DIY Relic’ing Vol. 1


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    The Subversive Guitarist – eBook


    Are you stuck in a guitar rut? This book can help.

    Joe Gore (a longtime guitar magazine editor and guitarist for Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Tracy Chapman, and many other artists) has created a collection of technical and conceptual exercises that challenge the muscle-memory habits that inhibit your true creativity. The Subversive Guitarist will liberate you from boring autopilot playing, kill clichés, and help you refine your unique musical voice.

    This book includes hundreds of examples (with tab and audio) but isn’t just a collection of licks and tricks. Each chapter is filled with musical ideas illustrated in standard notation, tab, and audio. The Subversive Guitarist dares ambitious and creative players to examine the very foundations of their playing.

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  • Eclectic Electrics Vol. 2


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  • Eclectic Electrics Vol. 1


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  • Gear Galore Vol. 1


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  • The Americana Guitar Book by Stuart Ryan – ebook


    If you don’t know the tradition of Americana Guitar, get ready to pay your dues… 

    The Americana Guitar book lets you instantly discover the evolving heritage of American music. You’ll master authentic Americana guitar along with 126 audio tracks you can download for free…

    Americana is the crossroads where Country, Blues, Folk and Bluegrass collide – a century-old melting pot that is still evolving.

    The Americana Guitar Book introduces you to every essential technique that will enhance your musical palette on both acoustic and electric guitar… from Travis and Carter picking, to slide licks and raucous electric guitar work.

    This Americana Guitar Book will also help you discover lush new textures, rich chords, open tunings and unique musical voicings.

    With Guitar Techniques Magazine’s Stuart Ryan as your expert guide, you’ll learn essential guitar techniques like:

    • Bluegrass-style alternating basslines
    • Strumming patterns
    • The “Carter picking” style of Maybelle Carter
    • “Travis picking” developed by Merle Travis
    • Simple to advanced fingerpicking approaches
    • Accompaniment in the styles of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and many more
    • Creative open tunings


    …and much more. In fact, you’ll master a rich tapestry of techniques and songs that will heighten your creativity on guitar.


    This unique Americana guitar method is organised chronologically to help you discover the whole history of Americana music… 

    And each generation of heroes has something new to offer the aspiring Americana guitarist

    You’ll discover:

    The Pioneers – Elizabeth Cotten, Maybelle Carter, Lester Flatt, Clarence White

    The Renegades – artists who changed the sound of Americana, including Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Luther Perkins

    The Hitmakers – Paul Simon, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Emmylou Harris

    The Renaissance – a new generation of Americana-influenced artists including Steve Earle, Gillian Welch, John Hiatt, Melissa Etheridge, Lyle Lovett, Peter Buck

    Americana Today – the artists who are still evolving the style: Alison Krauss, Lucinda Williams, Wilco, Aimee Mann, Rodney Crowell, Ray LaMontaigne, Chris Stapleton


    But that’s not all! You’ll also learn these essential creative songwriting techniques:

    • Guitar hooks that dovetail beautifully with vocal parts
    • Tight, cohesive rhythms embellished with legato melodies
    • Linking chords with scale runs and licks
    • Accompaniments with moving basslines
    • Chord-melody arrangements
    • Using diverse Americana styles to write your own songs


    And there’s more… 

    Award-winning author Stuart Ryan has included four full-length pieces that combine the techniques and styles into beautiful songs.

    You’ll move from capturing the “old time” sound of Americana, through intricate fingerpicking, to learning how artists like Steve Earle and Springsteen fused traditional Americana with rock guitar to bring you bang up to date. 

    With 126 audio tracks you can download for free, The Americana Guitar Book is your ticket to the evolving heritage of American music. 


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  • Slide Guitar Soloing Techniques by Levi Clay – ebook


    Discover the Expressive Art of Modern Slide Guitar Playing

    Slide guitar is currently enjoying a huge renaissance thanks to contemporary players like Derek Trucks, Joey Landreth, Brett Garsed, AJ Ghent and Jack White – great innovators who are carrying the flame for the next generation. And our new how to play slide guitar book teaches you how. 

    Learning how to play slide guitar is one of the few techniques can change your whole approach to the guitar, so much so that it becomes a whole new instrument. In this book, you will master the art and technique of modern electric slide guitar playing.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • Essential open tunings for slide, & scale shapes for innovative soloing
    • Advanced guitar techniques such as playing behind the slide, false harmonics & legato
    • Slide guitar licks in style of Duane Allman, Ry Cooder and Johnny Winter
    • Modern techniques from Derek Trucks, Dan Auerbach, Joey Landreth and Brett Garsed
    • The rarely taught skill of playing slide guitar in standard tuning!

    In Slide Guitar Soloing Techniques, virtuoso guitarist Levi Clay teaches you perfect slide guitar technique from its first foundations. You’ll master accurate intonation, string muting and expressive vibrato before learning to expressing yourself musically on slide guitar.

    You’ll discover how to play with a full range of expression and emotion while mastering the most useful chords, inversions, and playing positions used by the world’s best players.

    As well as learning slide guitar in all the common open tunings, we’ve even included chapters on how to transfer any open tuning lick to standard tuning so you can grab any guitar and instantly make incredible music.

    With full-length study pieces and complete slide guitar solos to learn, and with hundreds of licks, tips and techniques of your favourite players Slide Guitar Soloing Techniques is the ultimate guide to the art of modern creative slide guitar.

    Here’s What You Get:

    • Expressive and authentic modern slide guitar lessons
    • Dozens of exercises and slide guitar techniques you can use to make beautiful music instantly
    • Tips on choosing the right slide, guitar setup and nailing the perfect amp tone
    • Perfectly notated examples with tab and studio-quality audio to download for FREE

    Bonus: Learn complete solos and dazzling performance pieces so you always have something meaningful to play for a crowd.

    Hear it!

    Slide Guitar Soloing Techniques contains over 150 supporting audio examples, so you can hear exactly how each one should sound.

    Learn how to play slide guitar, and bring your performance and take skills as a guitarist to the next level – today!

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  • Altered Scale Soloing for Jazz Guiter by Mike Stern – ebook


    There has never been a jazz guitar book like this before…

    Mike Stern is an electrifying guitarist whose blistering chops combine sophisticated jazz harmony with rock-fusion firepower and perfect bluesy phrasing. In this ground-breaking book, he shares his secrets of altered scale soloing and reveals the keys to his signature sound.

    In his new book, Altered Scale Soloing for Jazz Guitar, exclusive to Fundamental Changes, Mike teaches you in depth how to use every important altered scale on guitar to create incredible solos with his instantly recognizable sound.

    You’ll master modern outside-sounding jazz guitar chops using…

    • The Altered Scale (Super Locrian Mode)
    • The Mixolydian b2b6 Scale (Phrygian Dominant)
    • The Symmetrical Diminished Scale (Half Whole)
    • The Whole Tone Scale

    A Complete, Practical System to Create Modern Jazz Guitar Vocabulary

    Along with over 140 jaw-dropping licks and music examples, Mike’s unique jazz guitar course teaches you to get inside the scales.

    • You’ll discover the following jazz guitar soloing concepts: 
    • How each altered jazz guitar scale is formed
    • The most important scale shapes and positions to use and why
    • How to master the scale intervals and use them to create blistering jazz solos
    • Beautiful sequencing patterns that quickly become musical phrases you can use
    • Dozens of modern scalic licks, runs and sequences

    With these essential skills under your fingers, you’ll immediately apply them musically as you learn play intervallic licks over the most essential chord changes in jazz to add new depth to your soloing.

    As your jazz guitar soloing skills develop, you’ll add to your vocabulary by learning lines based around more advanced, musical jazz structures. You’ll learnt to get creative with

    • Diatonic triads
    • 7th chord jazz arpeggio sequences
    • Triad/arpeggio-based melodies
    • Longer 8-bar jazz soloing structures

    Master Altered Scale Jazz Guitar Lines With Four Epic Etudes

    Each altered scale is taught in its own detailed chapter, and to round off each one you’ll be taught a full-length original solo, recorded at Mike’s New York studio. These solos combine all the musical approaches of each chapter into beautiful, melodic language you can use in your own playing.

    This rigorous approach, combined with a vast arsenal of melodic ideas, gives you unparalleled insight into the mind of one of the most respected jazz musicians on the planet… and you’ll also learn plenty of Mike’s signature licks and tricks along the way!

    One Solo to Rule them All!

    To tie every altered jazz guitar scale sound together, Mike has written an epic 130-bar solo that explores every musical concept over a blistering Bb Blues. When you learn this solo, you’ll hear, internalize and feel how these advanced jazz guitar scales can be used to make powerful, attention-grabbing music.

    Throughout the book, Mike goes into such depth about his thought processes and techniques that you’ll learn so much more than you will from a transcribed solo with no explanation.

    Hear It!

    In Altered Scale Soloing for Jazz Guitar Mike has been incredibly generous when it comes to sharing his licks and musical ideas. In fact, you’ll find over 140 individual notated examples (with tab) and over 40 minutes of free audio to download.

    Altered Scale Soloing for Jazz Guitar is a deep dive into the musical mind of one the true jazz guitar geniuses of our generation. You owe it to yourself to check it out take your music to a whole new level of creativity.


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  • Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar by Tim Pettingale – ebook


    Play bebop jazz-blues guitar lines effortlessly with these simple substitution ideas

    Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar helps you to create the authentic sound of jazz guitar, without having to learn numerous scales and modes. Based around the familiar blues progression, this book uses simple chord / scale substitution ideas to create beautiful jazz-blues lines in the style of the great jazz guitarists. If you’re familiar with the blues, but want to learn how to play great jazz lines, this book will quickly have you playing authentic bebop, simply by re-thinking the knowledge you already have.

    You’ll learn licks in the style of Wes MontgomeryJoe PassPat Martino and Jim Hall, with over 120 original musical examples, each illustrated with notation and tab. Download FREE audio of every example, and jam along to the 22 backing tracks / vamps provided. Includes 3 full-length jazz blues solos in different keys, demonstrating all the concepts covered.

    What you’ll learn:

    • Major and Minor scale / arpeggio substitutions you can play over the blues progression to create new sounds
    • A creative jazz-blues guitar method that will help you play great licks straight away
    • Ideas that are simple to apply, but result in advanced melodic lines
    • A tried and tested method to access the language of jazz guitar
    • Numerous licks in the style of the great players
    • An easy way to create your own original lines
    • Soloing schemes to help you create your own improvised solos

    Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar

    • Would you like to be able to play effortless bebop lines in the style of the great jazz guitar players?
    • Would you like a simple method to help you generate 100s of original licks of your own?
    • Would you like to give your playing a fresh injection of ideas?
    • Solution Description

    A Tried and Tested Creative Jazz Blues Guitar Method

    Many guitar players are comfortable with the familiar blues progression, but those wanting to learn the language of jazz are often baffled about the best way to learn to play bebop. Learning lots of different scales and modes can be both daunting and un-musical. In Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar, the author brings together over 20 years of learning and experience gigging in London’s jazz clubs to present a simple method that will have you playing musical lines right away. More than that, by the end of this book you will be equipped to create your own amazing lines.

    Here’s What You Get:

    • A step-by-step guide that starts simple and adds layers of complexity
    • Numerous examples with backing tracks and vamps to practise to
    • Three full-length blues in different keys with example solos and backing tracks to experiment with
    • Perfectly notated examples with tab and studio-quality audio to download for FREE

    Decode the Language of Bebop and Get Creative!

    Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar not only shows you how to play great jazz lines like the masters, it puts creative tools in your hands. These simple concepts can be applied to help you break out of your box and explore new ideas. Taught in a clear, concise manner, the focus is on creativity and capturing the sound and feel of authentic bebop guitar.

    Hear it!

    Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar contains 120 supporting audio examples, so you can hear exactly how each example should sound.


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  • Robin Nolan’s Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar – ebook


    Unlock the Secrets of Gypsy Jazz Guitar

    Robin Nolan’s Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar

    • Are you struggling to learn authentic Gypsy Jazz guitar?
    • Do you want to play effortless Django-inspired guitar licks?
    • Are you ready to create your own Gypsy Jazz guitar solos?

    Robin Nolan has spent his life sharing his first-hand Gypsy Jazz guitar experience with a worldwide community of musicians, and his insights have revolutionised the playing thousands of grateful students.

    The Most Comprehensive Gypsy Jazz Guitar Method Ever Made

    In Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar Robin Nolan creates the perfect framework to learn the essentials of the style.

    First, you’ll master rhythm:

    • Learn every essential Gypsy chord shape and know when to use them
    • Master the perfect Gypsy Jazz guitar technique to nail the authentic tone
    • Discover every Gypsy rhythm strumming pattern you’ll ever need
    • Practise warm-ups and drills to help you play in time, every time.

    Then, you’ll discover art of Gypsy Jazz guitar soloing:

    • Master the scales and arpeggios that build every Gypsy Jazz guitar solo
    • Learn mind-blowing Gypsy licks you can use immediately
    • Discover the Gypsy Jazz secret to playing great lines over dominant 7th chords
    • Spice things up with cool diminished and augmented sounds
    • Play full solos over the classic tune Minor Swing

    Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar – More Than a Just a Method Book

    Robin also introduces you to his Gig-Ready Bootcamp!These are the powerful performance skills that prepare you for any jam session, such as:

    • How to play solid intros and endings that always work
    • A complete guide to essential Gypsy Jazz repertoire
    • How to memorise any song – quickly and easily
    • Crushing nerves and playing with confidence
    • Jam session etiquette

    A Gypsy Jazz Guitar Guide Jam-Packed With Bonus Features

    We’ve packed this book full of some amazing bonuses to help you reach your goals much more quickly.

    Bonus 1: 22 walk-through videos where Robin helps you perfect the techniques in the book.

    Bonus 2: An exclusive 1-hour video lesson that teaches you perfect Gypsy Jazz guitar rhythm playing.

    Bonus 3: Get Robin’s personal Spotify playlist of essential Gypsy Jazz tunes, specially curated for you.

    Hear it!

    Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar contains over 100 notated examples, each with supporting audio examples, so you can hear exactly how everything should sound. You’ll be able to play along with the track to perfect your rhythm, tone and feel. You can download them all for free from our dedicated website.

    Buy it now and learn Beginner Gypsy Jazz Guitar from one of its true masters.


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  • Country Guitar for Beginners by Levi Clay – ebook


    Master Traditional and Modern Country Guitar Playing

    • Discover a Complete Method to Learn Traditional and Modern Country Guitar Playing
    • Master Chord Playing and Rhythm Guitar Skills & play like the greatest country music guitarists
    • Develop a full range of Scales, Arpeggios, and Soloing Approaches to create your own country music licks and riffs

    Have you tried playing country guitar but don’t feel like you’ve done more than learn a few chords and cliché licks?

    Do you find yourself thinking so much about the neck of the guitar that you can’t get in the groove of the music?

    Do you dream of playing solos like legendary guitarists Roy Nichols, James Burton, Luther Perkins, and Eldon Shamblin?

    Country Guitar for Beginners is a complete guide to help beginners master elements of the country genre. Split into two sections, this book is designed to develop chord playing, rhythm guitar skills, and lead guitar solos.

    Here’s What You Get…

    A complete guide to Country Music for Beginners so you learn how to play chords, rhythm, and lead solos like the greats
    Over 100 pages of Chord Diagrams, Exercises, Tips, Soloing Ideas, and more so you learn to play like your favorite country guitarists
    Over 170 audio examples and 3 backing tracks you can download for free to make the music come alive and help you practice your new country guitar skills\

    Learn basic and advanced techniques like how to flat pick and thumb pick, embellish rhythm parts with typical double stop riffs, scales in multiple keys, using triads as soloing guides, bending ideas, diatonic intervals, and more


    Country Guitar for Beginners is split into two sections: Chords and Rhythm Guitar & Scales, Arpeggios and Lead Guitar.

    Part One: Chords and Rhythm Guitar revisits the essential chord voicings found in everything from cowboy ballads to western swing. There are plenty of country guitar secrets thrown in too… so you’ll need to pay attention! Once you’ve refreshed these voicings, you will look at the many ways they’re used in real country rhythm guitar.

    Part Two: Scales, Arpeggios and Lead Guitar will help you develop a full range of scales, arpeggios and soloing approaches that can be applied to country music. Mastering the skills in this section will free your mind from thinking too much about the neck when playing, as well as preparing your fingers for the more technically demanding aspects of country guitar like banjo rolls and open string ideas.

    While your ultimate goal may be to become the next Danny Gatton or Johnny Hiland, never lose sight of the roots. County Guitar for Beginners will help you build the foundations of rhythm guitar you need plus begin to solo like your favorite country guitarists.

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  • The Year in Gear – 2020


    This year was weird, but the killer gear kept coming. Here are the goods that stood out as extra-great.

    Exclusive downloadable ebook.