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  • The CAGED System Demystified


    Master the guitar with this time-tested method of visualizing and expanding basic chords, scales, and modes across the fretboard.

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  • Acoustic Soundboard Vol. 1


    Taylor’s Andy Powers and other industry heavyweights on humidity, setup secrets, preventing cracks, and more.

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    2018 Digital Issue 10 October


    Premier Guitar October 2018: It’s baaaaack! Our annual Pedal Issue—always the most anticipated of the year—is here again to blow both your mind and bank account with a trove of expert reviews on tone treasures for every taste. In all, it’s 31 stomps ranging from overdrives and decadent fuzzes to modulation marvels, delays, ’verbs, weird stuff, and even a few bass stomps. We’ve got mainstream brands like Electro-Harmonix, Fender, MXR, Boss, Ernie Ball, Aguilar, Ampeg, ZVEX, Line 6, and Way Huge, as well as up-and-coming outfits like Southampton, Terry Audio, OnkartGromt, Stacks FX, Escape Plan, Wilson Effects, and Tsakalis Audioworks. We’ve also got reviews of Milkman Sound’s The Amp, the Cort CJ Retro Jumbo, and Eastwood’s Airline Pocket Bass. Meanwhile, our feature section serves up chats with Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell and William DuVall, Neko Case, Peter Buck and Joseph Arthur, and Grammy-winner Fantastic Negrito.  We’ve also got complete song tabs (print edition only) for Julian Lage’s “Splendor Riot,” Ace Frehley’s “New York Groove,” and the Killers’ “Mr. Brightside.”