The CAGED System Demystified


Master the guitar with this time-tested method of visualizing and expanding basic chords, scales, and modes across the fretboard.

Exclusive downloadable ebook.

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To get the most out of your guitar playing, you need to have a deep understanding of the fretboard. Wouldn’t it be nice if the guitar was laid out in a logical fashion? It is! Once you understand the CAGED system, you’ll be able to “crack the code” and see the fretboard’s inherent logic. PG’s Digital Press created this ebook of EXCLUSIVE lesson content to help you take your guitar chops to a new level.

Chops: Beginner
Theory: Beginner
• Learn how to convert all open-position chords to moveable shapes.
• Identify the location of the root in each shape.
• Discover how to connect all five CAGED shapes to map out the entire neck in any key, starting on any one of the five shapes

Note: This system only works with standard tuning.