The Country Fingerstyle Guitar Method by Levi Clay – ebook


Master fingerstyle country guitar and learn the styles of the greatest country guitar players

Are you struggling to master country guitar and Travis picking? The Country Fingerstyle Guitar Method is the perfect way to master fingerpicking on the guitar.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Master every essential country guitar technique.
  • Develop Travis picking, syncopation, and articulation.
  • Effortlessly combine advanced chords, inversions, and bass lines.
  • Learn the guitar Styles of Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, and Jerry Reed.
  • Discover banjo rolls and the secret to effortless speed and fluency.
  • Learn with tablature, notation, and hundreds of audio examples of authentic country guitar vocabulary.

Part One tackles the techniques needed to build confidence, speed, and articulation. You will cover the “pinch” technique, thumb picks, and alternating bass lines, syncopation, articulation, combining chord and bass lines, and soloing while holding down the chords and bass. You will become the perfect country guitar all-rounder with an excellent mastery of Travis picking.

Part Two takes a detailed look at the evolution of fingerstyle country guitar and studies the styles and idiosyncrasies of artists like Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, and Jerry Reed. Each artist’s approach is dissected and through multiple “in the style of” examples. You will gain great insight into how country guitar picking developed into the virtuosic style it has now become. You will discover harmony, part layering, harmonics, the “claw” technique, thumb picking, counterpoint, altered tunings, and much more.

Each technique and approach is combined into a musical study that gives real insight into the greatest country guitar players in the world, and put you on the way to developing your own unique style.

Here’s what you get:

  • Over 100 pages of country picking essentials stuffed with 190 individually recorded examples so you can develop at your own pace.
  • A complete course in country fingerstyle–from first rudiments to advanced techniques teaching you to play the country classics while developing your own personal style.
  • Detailed discussion of thumb picks, tone, technique and the evolution of country guitar.
  • Complete style-files of three of the greatest country fingerstyle guitarists.
  • Every essential country chord, technique, bass line, lick and trick to get you playing the right way as quickly as possible.

Bonus! – A complete solo guitar study to consolidate your new skills and help you understand how to combine all the techniques included.

Buy it now to supercharge your country fingerpicking mastery.

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