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  • Best of State of the Stomp Vol. 2


    Four pedal gurus sound off on everything from DigiTech’s Bad Monkey to Chris Cornell’s Caroline Guitar Company fuzzes, and solutions for quieting your board. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • All About Amps Vol. 1


    Must-Know First-Aid • 101-Level Mods • Bonamassa’s Under-the-Radar Faves

    Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • All About Amps Vol. 2


    How tube amps work, tonal characters of the most common power tubes, and how to replace speakers properly. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • All About Amps Vol.3


    Build your own rotary speaker, replace your output transformer, must-know shopping advice on bass-amp power sections from Ashdown’s Mark Gooday, and more. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • All About Amps Vol.4


    Troubleshooting advice, speaker basics, in-depth tips from Celestion and Weber gurus, and a look at seven vintage “sleepers” that rule. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • Acoustic Lessons Vol.1


    Five flattop-only instructionals on everything from Leo Kottke’s picking technique to open-string tricks, harmonics, and the “10 bluegrass commandments.”

  • Acoustic Gigging, Recording & Maintenance Tips Vol.1


    Expert advice on managing humidity, intonating a 12-string, restringing your classical guitar, performance prep, and more. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • Acoustic DIY Vol.1


    From bridge-pin advice to tips on adjusting action and installing pickups—seven hands-on how-tos for flattop lovers. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

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    The CAGED System Demystified

    $9.99 $4.99

    Master the guitar with this time-tested method of visualizing and expanding basic chords, scales, and modes across the fretboard. Exclusive downloadable ebook.