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  • Mod Garage: Telecaster Mods Vol. 1


    Deutsch “Duke of DIY” Dirk Wacker breaks down series wiring, feedback remedies, phasing, and Les Paul-style wiring schemes for your Tele. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • Mod Garage: Strat Mods I


    PG columnist Dirk Wacker serves up five mods that cover everything from twangy or jazzy Tele tones to series and parallel options, and a wild four-pickup setup. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

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    Mod Garage: Guitar-God Mods Vol. 1

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    How to get the set-ups used in Brian May’s Red Special, Ritchie Blackmore’s and Dick Dale’s Strats, Eric Clapton’s active mid-boost circuits, and the Eldred Esquire wiring favored by Luther Perkins. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • John Bohlinger’s Last Call Vol. 1


    An experienced Nashville guitar gun gives tips on gigging, improving your technique, and other inspirational advice. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • Guitar Shop 101: Acoustic Upkeep Vol. 1


    Five DIY flattop-maintenance and modding pieces covering everything from must-have tools to filing frets, installing strap locks, and mounting a soundhole pickup. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • Gig Advice Vol. 1


    PG mainstays John Bohlinger and Pete Thorn offer sage guidance on choosing your gear, beating summer heat, working with in-ears, and more. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • DIY Guitar Makeover Vol. 1


    From bridge swaps and cheapo upgrades to at-home refinishing and complete parts-guitar builds—how to give new life to your axe. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • DIY Guitar Makeover Vol. 2


    Three experts—including Mod Garage guru Dirk Wacker and luthier Frank Falbo—walk you through projects ranging from easy wiring mods to total axe transformations. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • Country Guitar 101


    Grab a Tele and dig into this comprehensive look at the art of twang. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • Bring the Heavy Vol. 1


    EVH Review & Lesson • Meshuggah Interview • Inside B.C. Rich • Charvel San Dimas

    Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • Beyond Blues Vol. 1


    In-demand British instructor Levi Clay explores five genre-busting approaches to playing, from connecting chords and arpeggios to resolving tension, using the CAGED system to liven-up solos, and mastering guide tones and turnaround tactics. Exclusive downloadable ebook.