The Ultimate CAGED Workbook


“Wouldn’t it be nice if the guitar was laid out in a logical fashion? Well, it is!”
… and the CAGED system is your key to understanding your fretboard. And the best part is that if you \ already know your basic guitar chords, you already know the fundamentals.

The Ultimate CAGED Workbook is a comprehensive deep dive into the inner workings of the system. Premier Guitar’s esteemed crew of lesson experts takes players through a thorough introduction to the system—covering the basics of chord shapes and scale patterns—to making connections between shapes, building vocabulary, and using the system for deeper levels of improvisation and creative thinking across the fretboard.

Regardless of what style player you are, whether you’re a blues rocker, metalhead, jamband explorer, or old-school bebopper, if you’re looking to unlock the mysteries of guitar geometry, the CAGED system is your key.

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