2017 Digital Issue 11 November

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Whether you’re completely turned off by fuzz pedals or just brand-new to and overwhelmed by them, this month’s cover story demystifies this sometimes-confusing stompbox niche and explains how the right fuzz can stoke inspiration in any genre imaginable. On the artist front, we’ve got interviews with Wendy Melvoin (from the late great Prince’s band the Revolution), Metalocalypse mastermind Brendon Small, and bluesman Jonny Lang. We’ve also got a feature offering an insider’s perspective on recording guitar for film and TV soundtracks, as well as a primer on both how to play slide guitar, and the pros and cons of different slide types. Song transcriptions this month (print only) are Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb,” Mastodon’s “Curl of the Burl,” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well (Part 1).” Meanwhile our gear-review section deep-dives on the Coppersound Foxcatcher, Guitar Pro 7, Outlaw Effects’ Deputy Marshal, Korg’s AW-LT100B bass tuner, the Headrush Pedalboard, Ashdown’s SZ Funk Face, Bigfoot Engineering’s King Fuzz XL, the Boss Acoustic Singer Live combo, the MOD Duo, Pinter’s SB1-J Jazz Jr., Allen Eden’s Disciple 5 bass, and the Keeley Compressor Plus.

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