2017 Digital Issue 09 September

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This month we recap the 23 instruments, amps, stomps, and accessories that twisted our heads around at Summer NAMM in Nashville—the biggest gear show of the season. We’ve also got insightful interviews with influential artists like bassist Peter Hook (New Order, Joy Division) and Juliana Hatfield, as well as Addi Tryggvason from Icelandic post-metal quartet Sólstafir, and Sandra Petrova and Dafne Macías from Mexican avant-garde outfit Descartes a Kant. On the gear front, we’ve got an exhaustive reference piece detailing everything you need to know about electric-guitar pickups, and reviews of the Line 6 Variax Shuriken, Rocket Surgeon Labs’ Seratone bass fuzz, the Elektron Analog Drive, MXL’s DX-2 dual-capsule mic, the BSM Supreme, BYOC’s Crown Jewel, the Victory V40 Deluxe, Tanglewood’s Java TWJP parlor guitar, J. Rockett Audio’s I.Q. Compressor, David Norschow Amplification’s DNA-800 bass head, the Friedman Dirty Shirley, Italia’s Maranello Cavo bass, and the Fuzzrocious Blast Furnace. Tablature transcriptions this month (print magazine only) are Radiohead’s “2+2=5,” John Mayer’s “Neon,” and Steely Dan’s “Josie.”

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