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  • The Neo-Soul Guitar Book by Simon Pratt, Kristof Neyens, and Mark Lettieri – ebook


    The Complete Guide to the Art of Neo-Soul Guitar style and technique Featuring Mark Lettieri

    Are you struggling to unravel the intricate guitar parts of neo-soul guitar?

    The Neo-Soul Guitar Book is a one-stop shop for the multi-faceted style of neo-soul guitar playing. In recent times neo-soul has emerged as a driving force in modern music, with notable players such as Mark Lettieri (three-time Grammy award winner) and Tom Misch reinventing neo-soul guitar for new audiences.

    Neo-soul is a mash up of R&B, soul, gospel and funk, and is a wide-ranging discipline. But authors Simon Pratt and Kristof Neyens have you covered – addressing every technique you need to become a top class neo-soul guitar player. In fact, whatever you play, this book is full of rut-busting ideas that can be applied to any style.

    On top of that, this book features original pieces by Mark Lettieri of legendary band Snarky Puppy, as well as several other complete performance pieces – all of which are demonstrated with accompanying video and audio.

    What you’ll learn:

    • The most popular neo-soul chord voicings and how to embellish them.
    • R&B chord tricks and licks.
    • Modern pentatonic single-line licks enhanced with neo-soul techniques.
    • How to use double-stops and triple-stops to create funky grooves and fills.
    • Tips and tricks like the “chord quake,” “hammer-ons from nowhere,” tapping, and artificial harmonics.
    • Two complete, original pieces by Mark Lettieri of Snarky Puppy, specially written for this book.
    • Five complete performance pieces in total, encapsulating every technique in the book.

    It’s hard to listen to contemporary music and not hear some facet of neo-soul technique. It captures the sound of modern guitar technique – a fusion of the best parts of many different styles with a modern edge.

    Neo-soul guitar sounds impressive, but it’s not unattainable. After many years of study, neo-soul specialists Simon Pratt and Kristof Neyens pass on their knowledge in a clear concise manner that will methodically build and develop the essential techniques you need to nail this style.

    Here’s What You Get:

    • A step-by-step neo-soul guitar guide that starts simple and adds layers of complexity.
    • Dozens of exercises focusing on developing essential techniques.
    • Complete and exclusive neo-soul guitar pieces to learn.
    • Creative, ground-breaking ideas to develop your guitar playing in new directions.
    • 40 beautifully conceived licks and chordal ideas to add to your vocabulary.
    • Perfectly notated examples with tab and studio-quality audio you can download for FREE.

    The Neo-Soul Guitar Book comes with over 140 supporting audio examples you can download for free, so you can hear exactly how each one should sound, plus several online videos demonstrating the performance pieces.

    Buy it now and master the sound of contemporary neo-soul!

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  • Beyond Chord Melody by Martin Taylor – ebook


    Master jazz guitar chord melody with Martin Taylor MBE

    Do you struggle to create beautiful chord melody guitar arrangements? Do you want to find your own unique jazz guitar voice? Do you want to improvise spontaneous chord melody guitar solos?

    Beyond Chord Melody with Martin Taylor MBE condenses over 40 years of playing expertise and insight into a beautiful jazz guitar book. Learn from the internationally acclaimed master of chord melody guitar as he guides you through his 7-step method to creating your own guitar arrangements.

    As a special bonus, two specially commissioned online videos are included, with Martin Taylor illustrating key techniques.

    What you’ll learn:

    • 7 steps to jazz chord melody guitar that will unlock your creativity.
    • How to make a chord melody arrangement of any jazz standard.
    • How to play chords and solo at the same time.
    • Overcome the common blocks that stifle your jazz guitar progress.
    • Build stunning jazz chord melody guitar arrangements.
    • Leverage the essential components of any jazz standard.
    • Break away from chord boxes and discover the freedom of polyphonic jazz guitar playing.

    Bonus 1: Learn a complete chord melody arrangement of an original tune to consolidate all the jazz guitar techniques and kick start your jazz chord melody guitar mastery.

    Bonus 2: Two exclusive videos with Martin Taylor that clearly demonstrate the most fundamental aspects of his jazz guitar style.

    If you love jazz chord melody guitar, you’ve probably struggled to learn other people’s arrangements, while struggling to create your own.

    Beyond Chord Melody teaches you Martin Taylor’s own secret formula for creating instant jazz guitar arrangements and gives you the tools to master your guitar and create your own stunning chord melody arrangements.

    Beyond Chord Melody with Martin Taylor MBE is the antidote to formulaic guitar methods. His 7-step chord melody guitar system helps you “break out of the box” and is taught in a clear, concise manner.

    Martin Taylor starts from basic jazz guitar theory and adds layer upon layer of detail to create your own, beautiful jazz guitar chord melody guitar arrangements.

    Buy it now to begin creating your own beautiful chord melody guitar arrangements.

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