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  • Guitar Pedals – Mastering Guitar Effects by Rob Thorpe – ebook


    Nail Your Killer Tone With This Complete Guide to Guitar Effects Pedals

    All guitar players are on a never-ending quest for the perfect tone and are constantly trying to discover the right combination of effects to achieve the sound we hear in our heads. Will getting a specific pedal solve our tone problems, or is it simply the way our rig is configured?

    Guitar tone guru Rob Thorpe gives a complete rundown on every type of guitar pedal, and answers all these questions and more in Guitar Pedals: Mastering Guitar Effects. If you have ever wrestled with your tone, this book is for you.

    Solve These Common Guitar Tone Problems:

    • What’s the best order to chain your effects together?
    • Should distortion come first or last?
    • What about modulation?
    • Certain pedals should sound great but kill my tone?
    • What am I doing wrong?
    • What are the best reverb/delay pedals on the market?
    • What’s the difference between a Big Muff, a Tube Screamer and a Reaper Pandemonium?

    Much More Than “This Pedal Does That”…
    Guitar Pedals: Mastering Guitar Effects is much more than a simple guide to the types of guitar effects. You’ll go in-depth to discover:

    • The types of pedals available and how each one sculpts your guitar tone
    • How to use each guitar pedal properly
    • How to configure your guitar pedal board to correctly get the sound you want
    • The best distortion, compression, modulation, and delay pedals to use… and when!
    • How guitar pedals should really sound and what you can achieve with them
    • How to get those “special effects” you’ve heard the pro guitarists use

    Plus Two Free Bonuses:
    Bonus One: Interviews with three touring/recording guitarists about how they created and use their rig for gigs and in the studio, revealing some great insights, including Cradle of Filth’s Richard Shaw.

    Bonus Two: Effects physics for the curious, a dedicated section to show you how a guitar pedal does what it does!

    Learn how to master delay to double-up riffs and even create backward solos … in harmony!

    Here’s What You Get
    Guitar Pedals: Mastering Guitar Effects includes studio quality recordings to demonstrate how each stomp box sounds and you’ll learn dozens of useful guitar licks appropriate to each effect. It’s not just theory, this is a practical guide with great examples and individual chapters dedicated to:

    • Fuzz
    • Distortion
    • Overdrives and Boosts
    • Delay
    • Modulation
    • Wah-Wahs and Envelope Filters
    • Compression
    • Reverb

    Plus, an all-important chapter on how to chain effects together and build up your pedalboard!

    It’s time to master your guitar effects and nail your dream guitar tone!

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    Five hot-shot pedal designers discuss effect loop basics, MIDI, placement, “noise,” and more.

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