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Premier Guitar isn’t about being a magazine or a media company. At its core, Premier Guitar is about getting guitarists excited. Excited about gearing up, playing, gigging and deepening their love affair with a maddening 6-stringed siren.

PG is one guitarist talking to another. It doesn’t matter where we meet. Magazine. Mobile phone. Events. Online store. The only thing that matters: the crazy language that unites rebels like us. For non-guitarists, the language is indecipherable. For us, it’s the mother tongue we use to bare our souls.

Bandmates, tribal brothers – and sisters – sharing their love of the hunt. The hunt for gear. The hunt for great tone. And yes, the hunt for attention from the hottest-looking people in the audience.

Are you in love with guitar? Are you one of those people who – at a young age – felt a deep rumble in your thorax when you heard a guitar solo? One of those people who discovered that guitar is an indelible part of who you are?

If so, welcome to the club. You’re home.

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