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Premier Guitar January 2013: We start the year with a gear-binge bang-15 reviews, including a mid-priced bass roundup with stellar 4-strings from Fender, G&L, Ibanez, Schecter, and Sterling by Music Man. Other reviews include the Campbell American Space Biscuit, Fender Cabronita Telecaster, Moog MFM-104M Analog Delay, L.R. Baggs M-80 acoustic pickup, KW Cabs ST-2m 2×12, Seymour Duncan ’59/Custom Hybrid, ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Junior, Laffing Dog Blue Dog overdrive, Ashdown CTM-300 bass head, and the Heptode Deep Crunch pedal. Our artist features this month include an interview with legendary slap-bass pioneer Larry Graham, a chat with prog-punk icons Darryl Jenifer and Dr. Know from Bad Brains, an in-depth talk with scorching bluesrocker Joanne Shaw Taylor, and an interview with bass chopsmaster Victor Wooten. We also take a look at some of Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson’s vintage basses, show you how to set up your 4-string, and profile boutique bass luthier Vinny Fodera.

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