2017 Issue 02 February


In our cover story this month we talk to Animals as Leaders mastermind Tosin Abasi and his 8-string cohort Javier Reyes about their new album, The Madness of Many. Our other artist interviews include chats with Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, Warpaint’s Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman, Stick Men’s Tony Levin and Markus Reuter, Meshuggah’s Mårten Hagström, Lynyrd Skynyrd cofounder Gary Rossington, and “Godfather of Fusion” Larry Coryell. We’ve also got a bonus lesson on learning to play outside the conventional chord-scale mindset. As for gear coverage, this month we dive deep into the world of bucket-brigade effects of yesterday and today, as well as review Foxpedal’s Defector, the Spector Timbre acoustic 4-string, TC Electronic’s Tailspin, Free the Tone’s Ambi Space, the Eastwood Senn, Sandberg’s Forty Eight bass, the Milkman Pint, MXR’s Echoplex Delay, Collings OM2H T, Dunlop’s CBM105Q Mini Bass Cry Baby, Fender ’57 Custom Pro , Wren and Cuff’s Sonder, Lollar’s P-90 Staple, and the Ernie Ball Ambient Delay.

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