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  • The Best of Ask Amp Man Vol. 1


    Boutique guru Jeff Bober on effects-loop and speaker issues, and diagnosing readers’ Peavey and Hiwatt amps. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • The Best of Ask Amp Man Vol. 2


    PG’s amp expert serves up amp-shopping tips and DIY projects on adding effects-loop and headphone jacks, Marshall-izing a Deluxe Reverb, diagnosing a sick Boogie, de-blubbering a Fender DeVille and more. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • All About Amps Vol. 1


    Must-Know First-Aid • 101-Level Mods • Bonamassa’s Under-the-Radar Faves

    Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • All About Amps Vol. 2


    How tube amps work, tonal characters of the most common power tubes, and how to replace speakers properly. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • All About Amps Vol.3


    Build your own rotary speaker, replace your output transformer, must-know shopping advice on bass-amp power sections from Ashdown’s Mark Gooday, and more. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

  • All About Amps Vol.4


    Troubleshooting advice, speaker basics, in-depth tips from Celestion and Weber gurus, and a look at seven vintage “sleepers” that rule. Exclusive downloadable ebook.

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    Our PG Ampmonster tee. Ultra-soft Next Level 60/40 t-shirt. Available in gray only. No refunds or exchanges. Please see our handy size chart to make sure you select the correct size. Sizes M, L, XL, and 2XL.

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    2017 Digital Issue 08 August

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    This time around our annual Amp Issue is yet again packed with speaker-pumping coolness, including a cover story on seven amazing off-the-beaten-path vintage amps, six amp reviews—Vox’s MV50 AC, Hughes and Kettner’s Grandmeister Deluxe 40, the Hilbish Design Beta, and Black Wing’s Screamin’ Eagle 50, as well as Traynor’s SB106 bass combo and Glockenklang’s bass head—plus a feature all about speaker basics, and a DIY project on building your own rotary-speaker cab. Artist interviews this month include chats with Deep Purple’s Steve Morse, one-woman band Tash Sultana, legendary bassist/producer Bill Laswell, Havok’s David Sanchez and Reece Scruggs, and Franklin James Fisher and Lee Tesche from punk-gospel outfit Algiers. Meanwhile, in the print edition, we’ve got song tabs for Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage,” Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,” and Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” The rest of our gear-review section is rounded out by deep-dives on Trace-Elliot’s Transit-A acoustic multi-effector, Curtis Novak’s JM-WR Jazzmaster Widerange pickups, the Dunable Cyclops solidbody, Death by Audio’s Evil Filter, the Martin O-18, Electro-Harmonix’s Bass Clone, Newman Guitars’ 6-String, and Mu-FX’s Phasor 2X.