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  • 2020 Issue 01 January


    Premier Guitar January 2020: Interviews: Nils Lofgren, George Lynch and Dug Pinnick, Olivia Jean, and Tyler Bates. Gear reviews: MXR, Karma, EHX, Cort, Fender, Silktone, Yamaha, Meris, TC Electronic, Vox, and Markbass.

  • 2019 Issue 12 December


    Premier Guitar December 2019: Recap of the year’s 60 Premier Gear Award winners, Killswitch Engage’s Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel, Brittany Howard, Billy Strings, Blackwater Holylight. Reviews: Chase Bliss, Peavey, Godin, Old Blood Noise, and more.

  • 2019 Issue 11 November


    Premier Guitar November 2019: Kim Gordon, Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt, Lillie Mae, Lightning Bolt’s Brian Gibson, and Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars’s Kaz Goto. Reviews: Harmony Silhouette, Mojotone Blackout, Vox Mini SuperBeetle Bass, Boss DD-200, and more.

  • 2019 Issue 10 October


    Premier Guitar October 2019: The Pedal Issue—31 stompbox reviews. Artist profiles: Fanny’s June and Jean Millington, Ty Segall, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Robert Quine, Particle Kid’s Micah Nelson. Other reviews: Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster, Jackson Spectra JS3V & more.

  • 2019 Issue 08 August


    Premier Guitar August 2019: The Amp Issue! Marshall, Fender, Blackstar, Swart, and Laney reviews (plus PRS, Eventide, Teisco, DryBell, Audient, Rocket Surgeon, and more). Tube-swapping and solid-state-amps features. Interviews: Devin Townsend, “Captain” Kirk Douglas, Jimmie Vaughan, and Doug Wamble.

  • 2019 Issue 07 July


    Premier Guitar July 2019: The Raconteurs’ Jack White and Brendan Benson discuss their new album, Help Us Stranger. Summer Feature: Seasonal Flattop Maintenance and Care. Interviews: Snarky Puppy’s Mark Lettieri, Jackie Venson, William Tyler, Combo Chimbita’s Niño Lento, and Delicate Steve. Reviews: Celestion, Ibanez, Greer, Catalinbread, Carl Martin, and more.

  • 2019 Issue 06 June


    Premier Guitar June 2019: 12 things every guitar tech (and aspiring amateur) should know. Interviews: Gang of Four’s Andy Gill, Chai’s Kana and Yuki, Berklee’s Kim Perlak, Reignwolf’s Jordan Cook, and Gamechanger Audio’s Ilja Krumins. Reviews: Xotic, Fender, Abasi, Mesa/Boogie, and more.

  • 2019 Issue 05 May


    Premier Guitar May 2019: DIY projects to turn three entry-level axes into secret weapons. Interviews: Clementine Creevy, Gary Clark, Jr., Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, and Joe Morris. Reviews: Carvin, EHX, EarthQuaker Devices, Gretsch, Strymon, Orange, Reverend, HeadRush, Wampler, and more.

  • 2019 Issue 04 April


    Premier Guitar April 2019: NAMM 2019 gear-show recap. Interviews with Sarah Longfield, Steve Gunn, and Kurt Vile, Dream Theater’s John Petrucci and John Myung, Charlie Sexton, and Rush’s Geddy Lee. Thirteen gear reviews: Friedman, EHX, One Control, Adventure Audio, MXR, Schecter, IK Multimedia, Source Audio, Fender, Jext Telez, 3 Leaf, and Aguilar.

  • 2019 Issue 03 March


    Premier Guitar March 2019: Stompbox junkies going into withdrawal since last year’s Pedal Issue should feel significantly sated this month, as we’ve both rounded up 16 pro pedalboards from across the stylistic spectrum that wowed us during our last year of Rig Rundowns, and collected photos and specs on 13 impressive boards from PG fans. In addition, our features section has talks with Jeff Tweedy and Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan, as well as a profile of the late Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton. Meanwhile, our gear-review section takes in-depth looks at Bogner’s Ecstasy Blue Mini, Rocket Surgeon’s Codename: Black Hat, the Ashdown Tone Pocket, Way Huge’s Purple Platypus, the Heritage H-137SC, Third Man & Mantic’s Flex, the Balthazar Film Noir 50, Peavey’s MAX 150, the Takamine EF360SC TT, Damnation Audio’s Ugly Twin, Hughes & Kettner’s Black Spirit 200, the Komet K.O.D.A., and Trickfish’s Trilobite. Lastly, in the print edition (only), we have tablature transcriptions of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell,” Lamb of God’s “Redneck,” and the Hellecasters’ “The Claw.”

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    2019 Issue 01 January

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    Premier GuitarJanuary 2019: Our cover story this issue is an interview with Adam “Nergal” Darski, frontman for influential extreme-metal outfit Behemoth, whose new albumI Loved You at Your Darkestis making waves for building on the band’s legacy of brutal music while also bucking trends held perhaps a bit too dear by the genre’s more hardcore adherents. In addition, we’ve also got in-depth talks with heavy-hitters such as Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power), MC5 legend Wayne Kramer, Slash and Myles Kennedy, and Larkin Poe’s Megan and Rebecca Lovell. On the gear front, we’ve got an in-depth look at the history of the mighty Tone Bender fuzz, as well as 13 guitar and bass reviews: Seymour Duncan’s Fooz Analog Fuzz Synth, MXR’s 5150 Chorus, the Carr Telstar, the Squier Contemporary Jazz HH, Ananashead’s Meteorite, Sadowsky’s MetroExpress, the Boss TU-03, Hotone’s Binary Eko, the Dophix Nettuno, Eastman’s V64 semi-hollowbody, Dunable’s SplatterBlaster, the Tone King Sky King, and the Mattoverse Electronics Inflection Point. In the print edition (only), we’ve also got full transcriptions of The Sword’s “Winter’s Wolves,” Joe Bonamassa’s “Love Is a Gamble,” Tommy Emmanuel’s rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

  • 2018 Issue 06 June


    Premier Guitar June 2018: For our cover story this month, we tapped U.K. studio guru and vintage-gear dealer Tony Miln to scour the outlands of outboard gear to examine 20 unusual spring reverbs that promise ultimate ambient power. In our artist-interview section, we talk to Blur’s Britpop legend Graham Coxon, slide master Ry Cooder, Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean and Robert DeLeo, Kittie’s Morgan Lander and Tara McLeod, and Nashville twanger Guthrie Trapp. We also serve up a Forgotten Heroes piece on krautrock icons CAN. In gear reviews, we’ve got a roundup of short-scale basses—Fender’s JMJ Road Worn Mustang, Spector’s Bantam 4, and Supro’s Huntington II—in addition to outings with the Orange Brent Hinds Terror, the PRS Silver Sky, Source Audio’s Ventris reverb, Blackstar’s HT Club MkII, the Cort GB75JH 5-string, Fender’s the Bends compressor, Dusky’s Mandorla, the Lovell Shakey tremolo, Land Devices’ HP-2, the Meris Polymoon, Hü Tonelabs’ Psychlone Jr., and Ampeg’s Opto Comp. In the print edition, we’ve also got full transcriptions of three tunes: Jeff Beck’s “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers,” Django Reinhardt’s “Honeysuckle Rose,” and Imagine Dragons’ “I’m So Sorry.”