Ultimate Shred Machine by Chris Zoupa – ebook


The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Shred Guitar Technique!

Forget vanilla “safe space” guides and make way for the Ultimate Shred Machine–the ultimate guide to shred guitar picking, tapping, and sweeping!

In this no-nonsense guide to shred guitar, seasoned teacher and YouTube sensation Chris Zoupa cuts through the mystery and misinformation that shrouds guitar technique, and expertly guides you through the essential skills that’ll super-charge your rock guitar playing.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of shred guitar techniques and the styles of the players who have made them famous, Ultimate Shred Machine is a solid foundation of virtuoso guitar technique and picks up where other guitar methods stop.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to play flawless shred guitar, taught in an easy-to-follow manner.
  • The secrets of fast alternate picking guitar technique.
  • How to sweep-pick arpeggios the right way and avoid common mistakes.
  • Legato guitar technique in the styles of Satriani, Govan, and Gilbert.
  • Exotic scale runs in the styles of Malmsteen, Skolnick, and Laiho.
  • Neo-classical metal guitar exercises and licks.
  • Simple to advanced guitar tapping techniques.
  • Over 100 exercises and guitar licks with free supporting audio to download.
  • Great tips on guitar tone and the use of distortion.

Bonus 1: Learn how to practice with a metronome–the right way. Master hand synchronicity and optimize your picking technique.

Bonus 2: Discover how to spice up your guitar playing with blue notes, exotic scales, modes, and arpeggios.

After the 100th student asked him, “How do I play faster?”, Chris Zoupa decided to write the definite guide to shred guitar. This book lays a solid foundation of correct guitar technique … and goes way beyond!

Ultimate Shred Machine contains over 100 exercises and supporting audio examples so you can hear exactly how each lick should sound.

Buy it now and start your journey to shred guitar mastery!

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