The Guitarist’s Introduction to Jazz by Randy Vincent – ebook


The ultimate jazz guitar reference book!

The book contains detailed explanations and exercises on virtually everything a guitarist needs to start playing jazz with others:

  • Learn many categories of chord voicings.
  • Develop comping tips and understand how to play in a rhythm section.
  • In-depth scale and chord construction.
  • Read charts for classic jazz tunes.
  • Understand how to develop solo chops by using riffs and familiar melodies.
  • Work on ways to approach practicing jazz.
  • Improve your right-hand picking techniques.
  • Gain knowledge of overall jazz theory …and much more!

Sample Pages:

Table of Contents
Bebop Scales
3-note shell voicings
Using quotes in soloing
Long-range scales
Perpetual arpeggios
Voicings for Comping
Developing Solo Vocabulary

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