Modern Jazz Guitar Concepts by Jens Larsen – ebook


Master Cutting-Edge Modern Jazz Guitar Techniques!

Modern Jazz Guitar Concepts provides an in-depth insight into the modern jazz guitar techniques you’ll hear in the music of Kurt Rosenwinkel, Adam Rogers, Jonathan Kriesberg, Gilad Hekselman, Lage Lund and others. In this book, you’ll learn the essential building blocks of modern jazz guitar with numerous licks and detailed descriptions of the theory behind each concept.

Popular YouTube teacher Jens Larsen teaches you how to apply triads, arpeggios, and scales to create the sounds of contemporary jazz guitar. This creative method allows you to develop the knowledge you already have, using basic major and minor scales in a new way to create fresh sounds. This book contains a wealth of knowledge and provides a clear, easy to follow method for jazz guitar fans who want to access the modern style of playing.

What you’ll learn:

  • The essential techniques of modern jazz guitar, with licks played over the familiar II-V-I progression.
  • How to apply the basic major scale to contemporary jazz guitar with clever use of triads and arpeggios.
  • How to use chromatics to create tension and interest in your solos.
  • The “Coltrane pattern”–break up boring scale patterns and learn how to improvise over quick chord changes.
  • How to apply the harmonic minor and diminished scales in a modern jazz context.
  • Expand your jazz vocabulary with a collection of innovative modern licks you can adapt to your style.

Would you like a straightforward method that teaches you how to achieve a contemporary jazz guitar sound, without having to learn dozens of exotic scales?

Would you like a jazz guitar method that shows how you can re-think the scales and arpeggios you already know?

Would you like a simple method that will help you create your own original melodic ideas?

In recent years, many new modern jazz guitar players have emerged, many from the exciting New York scene. Jens Larsen has written the must-have guide to contemporary jazz vocabulary – but this isn’t merely a book of licks – the concepts behind the licks are explained in a thorough, detailed manner, enabling you to immediately apply them to your playing.

Here’s What You Get:

  • A step-by-step guide that starts simple and adds layers of complexity.
  • Perfectly notated examples with tab and studio-quality audio to download for FREE.
  • A full-length blues with a solo analysis demonstrating all the concepts at work.

Modern Jazz Guitar Concepts cuts through the mystery that surrounds contemporary jazz guitar and explains the concepts behind the style in a clear and concise manner. Using the familiar II-V-I progression, Jens Larsen demonstrates how to get “that sound”, without learning dozens of exotic scales.

Buy it now and master the language of modern jazz guitar!

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