2012 Issue 06 June



This month we bring you the industry’s fastest and most comprehensive summary of the world’s biggest gear show-more then 30 of the coolest new guitar and bass toys from Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. We also talk to avant-jazz mastermind Bill Frisell about his new Floratone album, and then chat with riff-rocker Billy Duffy about using his Gretsches and multi-amp setup on the Cult’s new Choice of Weapon. We also take you to New York City’s theater district to talk to the guitar gurus who bring 6-string glory to three of Broadway’s hottest numbers-Book of Mormon,Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, and Rock of Ages. We also shine the spotlight on the astonishing career of Forgotten Hero Johnny “Guitar” Watson-a funk icon whose groovin’ lines have been sending aftershocks through modern music for 30+ years. Then, for both novices and vets, we delve into the oft-overlooked tonal implications of steel strings and picks with two in-depth features that explain archaic terminology and suggest new ways to approach your sound. Reviews this month include the new Gibson Jeff Tweedy SG, Jackson Ampworks Newcastle, Ibanez Gerald Veasley 6-string bass, Taylor 710ce Rosewood, Alairex H.A.L.O. overdrive, Jason Z. Schroeder Chopper T-Pine, Mojo Hand Nebula IV phaser, Orange OR50H reissue head, Rivera Sustain Shaman, and Peavey Headliner bass head and 4×10 cab.

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