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Premier Guitar January 2012: We begin the new year with an excerpt from Craig Hopkins’ new book, Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night – His Final Years, 1983-1990 [Backbeat Books]-which features never-before-seen pics of the Strat god and his gear. We also talk to jazz legend George Benson about his new album, Guitar Man, the Roots’ “Captain” Kirk Douglas about spearheading a soul-music resurgence, and quirky bluesman Oz Noy about his latest outing. Our cover story is a profile of Teuffel Guitars’ Uli Teuffel-a meticulous post-modern luthier whose designs are as headturning as they are controversial. We also hear the story of how one instrument collector scoured the internet to track down the first Steinberger bass prototype-which has been missing for more than 35 years. Gear reviews this month include the Fender Eric Clapton Twinolux amp, Larrivée Bakersfield, Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 head and SL 112 cab, Martin 000-15 12-fret, four Red Witch Seven Sisters pedals (with the other three available as web-exclusive reviews), Brubaker JJX-4 bass, Schecter Hellraiser Solo-6 E/A, Orbit Psychoplex Deluxe, Ampeg GVT52-112 guitar combo, and CEC Amplification Toll-Free Express head.

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