Fingerstyle Blues Guitar by Joseph Alexander – ebook


Master Acoustic Blues Guitar

Break down this challenging, yet rewarding, genre step-by-step from your first finger independence exercises right through to complete studies that seamlessly combine chords, bass lines, and melodies into full pieces of music.

199 Audio Examples in Standard Notation and Tablature
Each element and technique of the early Delta blues style is tackled step-by-step and demonstrated with over 190 detailed notated examples that you can download for free.

Develop the Finger Independence to Blend Alternating Bass Lines, Chords, and Melodies
Fingerstyle blues is a deceptively demanding genre. The engine that drives the music is the quarter note alternating or static bass line played with the thumb. This technique is mastered first before melody and then chords are introduced on top. Every technical exercise is introduced via a musical example or phrase that will naturally become part of your playing.

Musical Techniques
Fingerstyle Blues Guitar builds technique and independence through musical phrases and licks, so you will learn to develop the essential syncopation, legato, slides, slurs, and vibrato required to play great blues naturally, and make them an unconscious part of your playing. The idea throughout is to build creative freedom so that you can always play what you hear. Of course, there are complete musical studies for you to learn, however, the focus is on building a technical understanding of the style allowing you to create and improvise your own ideas, just like the Delta masters.

The technique you develop through musical vocabulary in Part One of the book is then applied to the essential chords and approaches of the Delta style. You will learn finger-picking patterns, alternate bass lines, chord progressions and turnarounds, and understand how to blend these features together with improvised melodies to build authentic, unaccompanied blues guitar song.

Fingerstyle Blues Guitar covers:

  • Alternating, static and walking bass lines.
  • Bends, slides, legato, and vibrato techniques.
  • Improvising solos and building syncopation.
  • Combining melodies with chords and bass lines.
  • Chord inversions, fragments, and playing up the neck.
  • Turnarounds, licks, and tricks.
  • Complete musical studies.

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