2013 Issue 02 February



This month our cover story takes you inside the mind and shop of James Trussart to look at how he constructs some of the most unique metal-bodied guitars in the world. In other features, we talk to Nashville luthier Joe Glaser about tag-teaming with Gibson on the new Les Paul Junior B-Bender, look at the life of British session legend (and Ritchie Blackmore mentor) Big Jim Sullivan, in addition to interviewing fusion masters Scott Henderson and Jeff Berlin, Duane Denison from the Jesus Lizard and Tomahawk, heady twangers Double Naught Spy Car, and rockabilly veteran Rosie Flores. Our gear reviews this month include the new PRS 408 Maple Top, the Gretsch G5442BDC Electromatic short-scale bass, Recording King RO-310 acoustic, Celestial Effects Cancer Wah the Fuzz?, Nace M1-18R combo, Overton Flyweight 500 bass head, Way Huge Supa-Puss, Fender 20th Anniversary Vibro-King, Eastwood Airline Espanada, and Jacques Stompboxes Meistersinger.

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